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11/22/12: DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.1, DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0 and MineSweeper Online v1.4.0 have been successfully tested for Windows 8 compatibility! If you find any problems or bugs with them under Windows 8, please report them. Software is NOT compatible with Windows RT devices like Microsoft Surface.
02/16/10: Celebrating a new DestroY Software anniversary, DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.1, solving the interface issue on some Windows 7 computers, is released! Also, I would like to announce that DestroY QuickDesktop 2.0 is under development! Redone from scratch, with a modern new look and lots of new features!
02/16/09: DestroY Software's Website celebrates today its sixth anniversary! Stay tuned for new announcements soon!
04/02/08: DestroY QuickDesktop celebrates today its third birthday since the first public version!
02/16/08: DestroY Software's Website celebrates today its fifth anniversary! Thanks for the fantastic support from all users!
02/03/08: DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.0 released!! This new version, now Vista ready and full of new features and improvements, is now finally available for download after months of hard work! Enjoy, and as usual, happy MediaPlaying!!
01/31/08: DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.0 will be released next Sunday, February 3rd!! Get ready! A new build of MineSweeper Online v1.4.0 was uploaded. Players wishing to use the Server List must re-download.
12/23/07: Happy holidays! I want to wish all DestroY Software users a great 2008! DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.0 will finally arrive in January. Later than expected, but packed with great new features and surprizes!
07/25/07: Double surprize! MineSweeper Online v1.4.0 (adding Vista compatibility, a new graphical skin and more new features) and DestroY rFactor Tweaker v3.1.1 (now prepared to work with Vista profiles) released!! Enjoy!
05/01/07: DestroY MediaPlay celebrates its third birthday today! DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.0 has been slightly delayed due to time contraints but should be released later this month.
04/02/07: DestroY QuickDesktop celebrates today its second birthday since the public release!
02/16/07: Today, the DestroY Software's Website celebrates its fourth aniversary!! A new version of DestroY MediaPlay, fully compatible with Windows Vista, together with other new features, is under development and will be released soon!
02/11/07: MineSweeper Online v1.3.0 released! This new version contains lots of new features and improvements!!
01/21/07: MineSweeper Online v1.2.0 released! This new version, features a Master Server List, allowing you to play with people from anywhere without knowing their IP address! And also has some other very interesting improvements. Check it out!
01/13/07: MineSweeper Online Tournament
announced! Subscribe now!
01/09/07: MineSweeper Online v1.1.1 is now available for download! This new version has a a couple of minor fixes. Enjoy!
01/07/07: MineSweeper Online v1.1.0 is now available for download! This new version has a rewritten Internet-play engine, which allows people behind routers to play without problems and also includes other improvements. Enjoy it!
01/06/07: MineSweeper Online released!! The first game of the DestroY Software Game Series is finished and ready to download! You can visit the game's website to find more information, screenshots and, of course, to download. Enjoy it!
01/03/07: MineSweeper Online, the first game of the new DestroY Software Game Series is almost ready and will be released next Saturday, January 6th!! Get ready!
12/24/06: I want to wish all DestroY Software's users a very happy holidays. Merry Christmas and have a great 2007! Stay in touch with DestroY Software for great software in the new year!
08/28/06: New version of the best and most popular rFactor utility on the net, DestroY rFactor Tweaker v3.1.0, is now available. Now prepared to work with rFactor 1.150 and with other new features.
I would also like to announce the project I have been talking about: MineSweeper Online, the first of the new DestroY Software's Game Series. Stay tuned for more information!
07/22/06: A new project is under intense development, and will be officially announced soon.
05/01/06: Exactly 2 years ago, on May 1st, 2004, DestroY MediaPlay had its public release! Happy Birthday DestroY MediaPlay! To celebrate this, you can now download the Dark Special (2nd Anniversary) Skin for DestroY MediaPlay v1.3.0, made by Delboy! I also wish to thank CNET Download.com for their very nice review of DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0!
04/22/06: DestroY MediaPlay v1.3.0 is here!! This new version features a completely new modern look/design and many other improvements! DestroY MediaPlay is now not only one of the most powerful media players on the net, but now also one of the better looking ones! All my gratitude to my friend Delboy for his fantastic graphical art! Together with the new version, two new skins packs are available: Modern Skins Pack #1 and Classic Skins Pack!! Enjoy this new version, and as always, Happy MediaPlaying!!
04/19/06: Release date announcement! DestroY MediaPlay v1.3.0 will be released next Saturday!! Get ready for a very nice surprize!
04/14/06: DestroY MediaPlay v1.3.0's public release is coming! Happy Easter!! Hope you get tasty eastereggs. I also want to announce that DestroY Software is now a sponsor of the Faster Than Speed Racing Team.
04/02/06: 365 days ago, on April 2nd, 2005, DestroY QuickDesktop had its public release. Happy birthday DestroY QuickDesktop!!
02/25/06: DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0 released!! This new version, with lots of new features and improvements is now available for download! Enjoy it! I would also like to thank PauVictor for his fantastic beta testing done to this new version! A new version of the "DestroY MediaPlay" Add-On Category for DestroY QuickDesktop, compatible with the new version, is now also available for download.
02/22/06: Release date announced! DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0 will be released next Saturday 25th! Don't miss it!
02/16/06: Today the DestroY Software website celebrates its third aniversary!! DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0 is on its final development stages and will be released soon. I would also like to announce DestroY MediaPlay v1.3.0, a new version which will include some nice surprizes!
02/03/06: Thanks for the amazing ammount of downloads and comments about DestroY rFactor Tweaker! Softpedia.com reviewed DestroY MediaPlay and DestroY QuickDesktop and awarded them with the 100% Clean award, thanks!
02/01/06: The best and most popular utility on the net for ISI's racing simulations now takes a new step: DestroY rFactor Tweaker v3.0.0 is released and waiting for you to download! Enjoy!
01/29/06: DestroY rFactor Tweaker will be released on Wednesday, February 1st! Don't miss it!
01/28/06: Double announcement! DestroY rFactor Tweaker and DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0 are under development and will be released soon! Stay tuned!!
01/19/06: Two website news: I changed the domain DNS as the fowarding to the site was not working correctly and was displaying ads. New one works better and has no ads. I also improved the website for the Firefox browser, now tables look like in IE.
01/16/06: DestroY MediaPlay v1.2.1 released! A new version, with some new features, improvements and fixes is now available! Download it now!!
01/07/06: DestroY MediaPlay v1.2.0 is here!! DestroY MediaPlay's new version is done and ready for you to download. It contains lots of new features and improvements, check it out! I hope you enjoy the new version!! I want to thank PauVictor and Delboy for their great beta-testing and Antwan for hosting the file! Happy MediaPlaying!
01/04/06: Release date announcement!! DestroY MediaPlay v1.2.0 will be out on Saturday, January 7th! Get ready!
12/24/05: Merry Christmas and happy new year 2006! Stay tuned for DestroY MediaPlay v1.2.0!
12/17/05: DestroY MediaPlay v1.2.0 is now in the hands of our beta-testers, get ready, it will be released soon!!
11/09/05: DestroY MediaPlay v1.2.0 announced! A new version with more new features and improvements will arrive during December! Stay tuned!
05/20/05: DestroY MediaPlay v1.1.0 was published in Vnunet's PC Magazine!! You can find it in the June issue DVD of this famous Italian IT magazine! Thanks Vnunet!
05/01/05: A 1st of May like today, but 1 year ago, DestroY MediaPlay was publically released. Happy birthday DestroY MediaPlay! Thanks to everyone that downloaded and enjoyed it and everyone that helped in the project!
04/16/05: DestroY QuickDesktop v1.0.1 is now available for download. This new version includes a few minor improvements and some bug fixes. You can now also get DestroY QuickDesktop's first add-on, "DestroY MediaPlay" Add-On Category, which allows you to control DestroY MediaPlay from DestroY QuickDesktop!
04/02/05: The day has arrived, DestroY Software's newest application is released and waiting for you to download! DestroY QuickDesktop v1.0.0 is now available!! Hard work and big effort was put into this new software, so I really hope you enjoy the product of all this work. Thanks!
03/28/05: DestroY QuickDesktop v1.0.0's public release date announced! On April 2nd, it will be available for download, get ready!!
03/25/05: DestroY QuickDesktop reached today Release Candidate status!! Not long until the public release! Launch date should be announced soon!
03/13/05: DestroY QuickDesktop reached today beta status and is now in the hands of our testers! Stay tuned for the final release!
02/16/05: The DestroY Software website celebrates it's second aniversary!! In 2005, expect great new software! DestroY QuickDesktop is under development and will be released in March. DestroY MediaPlay will also be updated and an important new project will be announced!
01/29/05: Two important announcements! First, you can now access DestroY Software through our new domain name www.destroysoftware.com.ar. Second, I'm glad to announce DestroY Software's new product, DestroY QuickDesktop, a powerful program/file launcher that will be released in March 2005!! Stay tuned!
01/15/05: January 15th has arrived... DestroY MediaPlay v1.1.0 is now released and available for download!!! Check the big ammount of changes in this new version! Thanks to all beta testers for their time, and very special thanks to my friend PauVictor for his help! Enjoy this new version, and... Happy "MediaPlay"ing!!
01/08/05: The website is now hosted in a new private server, much faster, much more reliable and with no ads!
01/07/05: DestroY MediaPlay v1.1.0 release date announced! January 15th it is. Expect a large list of improvements! A new project will be announced soon!

12/30/04: DestroY MediaPlay v1.1.0 is now in the hands of beta testers! Expect the public release in January 2005! Hope you had a great Christmas and wish you have a great year 2005!!!
12/12/04: Progress in DestroY MediaPlay v1.1.0 was resumed intesively in the last few weeks, after being halted for some time due to various non-development related reasons. Due to the big ammount of changes, it will go back to Beta status before the new year, so expect the final release in January!
09/02/04: New update of the best and most popular F1 Challenge utility on the net is now available: DestroY F1 Tweaker v2.20, download it now!
07/22/04: A new version of the best and most popular F1 Challenge utility on the net is now available for download: DestroY F1 Tweaker v2.10, with lots of new features, download it now!
07/19/04: A new important update of DestroY MediaPlay (v1.1.0) is under development! Stay tuned!!
06/02/04: First Addon for DestroY MediaPlay available for download: DestroY MediaPlay Plugin for MSN Messenger! This Addon will let you control DMP from the conversation windows in MSN Messenger and show your contacts which media file you are playing, also including a MSN like pop-up window on your screen. Plugin by PauVictor.
05/30/04: DestroY MediaPlay v1.0.2 released!! More information here.The first Addon for DestroY MediaPlay will be available for download in the next few days!
05/17/04: First Skins Pack for DestroY MediaPlay ready for download! This pack includes 6 awesome Skins by Delboy. They require DestroY MediaPlay v1.0.1! Enjoy them!
05/07/04: New version of DestroY MediaPlay available for download, v1.0.1, with some minor new features and fixes. Enjoy it! In the next few days a fantastic "Skins Pack" for DMP will be available for download in DestroY Software!!

05/01/04: DestroY MediaPlay, DestroY Software's newest and greatest application.. released!! After months of hard work, effort and dedication in this fantastic media player, the product of this combination is ready for you to download and try it! I'll never stop thanking all the beta testers and all the people that helped me with this project. I hope you really like DestroY MediaPlay... enjoy it... and Happy 'MediaPlay'ing!!

04/26/04: DestroY MediaPlay's public release date announced!! May 1st is the day, don't miss it!! Only a few days until release!
04/10/04: After 3 beta stages, DestroY MediaPlay reached today Release Candidate status. Public release coming soon!!
03/21/04: DestroY MediaPlay has reached beta stage today and it is scheduled for release in April 2004. More news to come soon!
02/16/04: Today 16th of February, this DestroY Software website celebrates it's first aniversary. DestroY MediaPlay is under intense development and it should be released in March 2004.

10/18/03: New update of DestroY F1 Tweaker. v2.02 released!
10/08/03: Updated DestroY F1 Tweaker v2.01 released!
10/06/03: After lots of days of work, DestroY F1 Tweaker v2.00 is finally released and available for download!!
08/10/03: DestroY F1 Tweaker v2.0 announced. Release date: September/October 2003. DestroY MediaPlay delayed (4th Qtr 2003 / 1st Qtr 2004). Another surprize might come in the middle.
05/11/03: DestroY MediaPlay announced!! Click for more information!
03/03/03: DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker v1.1 released!!
02/16/03: New design for the DestroY Software webpage.
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