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DestroY rFactor Tweaker v3.1.1

Last version: v3.1.1

Download DestroY rFactor Tweaker v3.1.1:

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Download 2 (RaceSimulations)

DestroY rFactor Tweaker is a great tool for Image Space Inc.'s (ISI) rFactor racing simulation. With DestroY rFactor Tweaker you can configure over 500 options that you cannot from within the game, and it features other advanced features, such as options to run rFactor with special parameters and a full log of all your configuration changes.

- Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista
- Image Space Inc.'s rFactor, version v1.150 or higher
- 2MB free space on hard drive

Version History
New in v3.1.1:
- DestroY rFactor Tweaker now works with Windows Vista driver profiles
- Fixed a problem with DestroY rFactor Tweaker running under Windows Vista

New in v3.1.0:
- DestroY rFactor Tweaker is now prepared to work with rFactor v1.150
- New v1.150 features and internal changes to work with the new file structure
- New option allows you to set through DestroY rFactor Tweaker settings which can be set through the game's user interface
- Added new "Tweak" category, Miscellaneous Options
- DestroY rFactor Tweaker should now work correctly for all Windows 98/Me users
- Changed the driver selection combobox as it gave problems to some users, specially in old OS versions
- Log entries now also specify the current driver name
- Other small changes

New in v3.0.0:
- DestroY rFactor Tweaker is now renamed (previously DestroY F1 Tweaker), and completely redone to work with Image Space Inc.'s newest racing simulation: rFactor
- DestroY rFactor Tweaker now features over 450 game options to configure not included in the stock game, plus some options that are hard to set with precision with the built-in sliders
- Run rFactor section with options to run the game, the Dedicated Server and the ability to run rFactor with some special parameters
- Support for features added by rFactor developers in future versions of the game without a new version of DestroY rFactor Tweaker!
- Now the log also stores the previous value of each option that is changed
- Automatic driver profiles detection
- Improved interface, configure all options from within one screen!
- Completely new internal functionality

Important Notes
- Some options may be unsupported by the game developers, or may not work correctly. That is not a problem of DestroY rFactor Tweaker.
- DestroY rFactor Tweaker does not support previous Image Space Inc. simulations. You can still download previous versions for F1 Challenge 99-02 (DestroY F1 Tweaker 2) and F1 2002 (DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker) from DestroY Software's website.

DestroY rFactor Tweaker is a freeware product, but it took a lot hard work, effort and dedication. If you wish to donate and support DestroY Software's and DestroY rFactor Tweaker's development, contact me here.

This software is freeware and you can feel free to use it without any charges.
You are not allowed to develope the software back, change, spilt, decompile, disassemble or translate the software product neither in parts nor as whole thing. All rights reserved.

DestroY rFactor Tweaker is in no way affiliated with Image Space Incorporated (ISI). This is not an official rFactor product. All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.

Send me your comments about the program and report any bugs you find.
E-mail me if you have any doubts.


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