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DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0

Last version: v1.1.0

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DestroY QuickDesktop is a powerful app/file/folder/URL launcher, that lets you organise shortcuts in items and categories. Forget about untidy desktops full of icons where you cannot find anything! DestroY QuickDesktop is completely FREE!! and presents very interesting features. For a detailed list, continue reading.

- Organise your applications, files, folders and URLs in categories for quick and easy access!
- Drag&Drop files and folders and have items automatically created, with automatic icon retrieval for applications and shortcuts!
- Open your applications visible, hidden or minimized and using command line arguments and "open with" feature
- Two predefined categories with Windows common folders and drives and quick and useful tools to set resolution, wallpaper, empty recycle bin and much more!
- Modify, move and delete items and categories
- Password protected categories with secret question recovery system!
- Item/Category information and usage statistics
- QuickSchedule lets you schedule an item to be opened at a certain date, daily, weekly or monthly! Advanced customization options!
- Access all your items and categories through the very comfortable optional Tray Icon!
- 3 modes: Bar & Tray, Bar Only or Tray Only
- Command Box, with advanced features
- Automatic check for updates on program startup (optional)
- Keep your DestroY QuickDesktop version up to date with QuickUpdate!
- Settings panel with several options including possibility to save/load data backups
- Items path check
- Right click menus with several features
- Automatically hide DestroY QuickDesktop on top or bottom of the screen (optional)
- Run DestroY QuickDesktop on your system startup (optional)
- Snap to Screen Edges optional feature, with distance setting
- Set Window Opacity (Windows 2000/XP or higher only)
- Optional Always on Top feature
- Clock
- Complete HTML Help
- Prepared for add-on items/categories
- DestroY QuickDesktop doesn't mess up your registry, all data is saved in an ini file!
- Full install and uninstall support
- and much more!
- Best of all.. IT's FREE!!!!

- Intel Pentium II or AMD equivalent
- Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
- 128mb RAM recommended
- 800x600 screen resolution or higher
- 16-bit high color display
- Recommended: Internet connection

Version History
DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0
- Added password protected categories with secret question recovery system!!
- New default items: Fonts (Windows Folders), Copy IP to Clipboard, Empty Temp Folder, Empty Internet Cache, Empty Internet History (Useful Tools)!
- New Data File Updater will allow you to import all your items, categories and QuickSchedule items from previous DestroY QuickDesktop versions to v1.1.0!
- 3 new modes: Bar & Tray, Bar Only or Tray Only
- Improved item/category/QuickSchedule item deletion code is now much faster
- Predefined categories can now be modified, changing their name, icon and making them password protected categories
- If resolution is set to 640x480, DestroY QuickDesktop will now switch to Tray Mode automatically if set to Bar & Tray, and will keep running if Tray Mode was set
- Drag & Drop: DestroY QuickDesktop now automatically takes the icon from shortcut files (lnk)
- Drag & Drop: DestroY QuickDesktop now shows the file/folder filename as suggested item name
- Command Box: Added "*command" feature to run DOS commands with /k parameter (window is not closed after execution of command finishes)
- Item Stats now show N/A for filesize and dates if the item path is unexistant
- Added confirm dialog to default items Shutdown Windows, Reboot Windows and Log Off
- Small interface improvements
- Auto Hide setting will not kick in anymore while menus are open
- Items and categories may not have existing names anymore, as it created a few difficulties to users
- QuickSchedule: Added automatic refresh to "Apply Changes" and "Delete" buttons, so now QuickSchedule settings will be updated before closing the window
- QuickSchedule: Monthly setting listboxes were displayed for a short while when opened
- QuickSchedule: Only numerical characters are now accepted in the date/time boxes
- Tooltips of items in the right edge of the screen are now correctly shown
- Editboxes are now scrollable (except the ones that need short strings)
- If Always On Top is on, windows opened by DestroY QuickDesktop will now be on top of the bar
- Limited Snap Distance setting to 0-300 pixels to avoid strange behaviours with very high values
- Other small changes
- Updated help
- Bugfix: Fixed some serious problems when deleting items in a failed items path check which could partially corrupt the data file
- Bugfix: Drag & Drop would fail to work correctly in some ocassions with Auto Hide enabled
- Bugfix: It was possible to move an item to the same category, and if done, it would double the item
- Bugfix: Most shortcut files (lnk) would not run their target in previous versions
- Bugfix: In QuickSchedule, selecting an item after applying changes would reload the Item list without deleting its contents

DestroY QuickDesktop v1.0.1
- Last position, Expanded mode, last category and show/hide values are now saved even if Windows is shutdown with DestroY QuickDesktop running
- "http://" isn't kept in Add/Modify Item dialog after changing item-type from URL
- Reworked item/category/QuickSchedule item deletion code to avoid a possible bug
- Bugfix: After deleting an item, QuickSchedule items weren't updated accordingly
- Bugfix: When deleting an item that was scheduled with QuickSchedule the scheduled item would stay active associated with another item
- Bugfix: When uninstalling an add-on if the last category was the current one it would give an error and incorrect display

DestroY QuickDesktop v1.0.0
- First public release!!

Christian Smirnoff ("DestroY")

Christian Smirnoff ("DestroY")

Beta Testing

Special Thanks

DestroY QuickDesktop is a freeware product, but it took months of hard work, effort and dedication. If you wish to donate and support DestroY Software's and DestroY QuickDesktop's development, contact me here.

This software is freeware and you can feel free to use it without any charges.
You are not allowed to develope the software back, change, spilt, decompile, disassemble or translate the software product neither in parts nor as whole thing. All rights reserved.
All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.

Send me your comments about the program and report any bugs you find.
E-mail me if you have any doubts.

Enjoy it!


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