Version History

MineSweeper Online v1.4.0

- MineSweeper Online is now compatible with Windows Vista!
- Added completely new Sea graphical skin!
- It is now possible to sort the turn order (manually or randomly) in multiplayer matches
- Added 5 second option to the Time Limit setting for very intense multiplayer games
- Added a sound when "chording" is not done correctly in Classic mode
- Bugfix: Bombs and Random Bombs would keep counting mines after a player has already won
- Bugfix: Solved a rare problem with clients leaving from Online Lobby
- Bugfix: Server List couldn't be searched again after an unsuccessful connection to a server
- Bugfix: Logs were sometimes saved under a wrong date

MineSweeper Online v1.3.0

- New Master Server List system is now much faster and reliable. No more connection wait!
- Great new unlockable! Beat all Classic difficulty levels to unlock Custom mode!
- New "Max TimeUps" setting for multiplayer games, limits the number of times that your turn's time can run out. If a player loses all TimeUps, he will be automatically knocked out (3-4 player games) or lose the game (2 player game)
- New zone expanding code is now much faster and 100% reliable
- In multiplayer games, Bombs can now be thrown on clicked squares
- Added a 60 seconds option to the Time Limit setting in multiplayer matches
- Your Internet IP address is now shown on Direct IP mode
- Added a sound when a new player joins the Online Lobby
- Games can now be restarted during play and host may return to Online Lobby if all clients leave
- Added Alt+Enter shortcut to enable Fullscreen mode, acting according to the Set Resolution setting
- Other minor changes and improvements
- Bugfix: Play time was displayed wrongly after 10 minutes
- Bugfix: If turn time ran out in a Hotseat game, there was no wait between turn changes

MineSweeper Online v1.2.0

- Master server list added. Now you can get a full list of all servers to play with anyone around the world! Includes password support and number of players limit. Play without need to know the host's IP and port! Old mode still included, now renamed as "Direct IP"
- Changed Classic Expert board size to 16x30. Impossible now has 160 mines
- Online chat in Lobby and Minefield is now scrollable, allowing you to read all the chat instead of the last messages only. You may scroll the chat with the arrows on the screen, the mouse wheel or the Up and Down keys
- In Classic mode, you can now also do "chording" with both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously, and not only with the middle mouse button as before.
- In Classic mode, flagging is now done at mouse press instead of mouse release
- In Classic mode, squares to be opened are shown in light green while chording
- Now asks whether you want to play again after finishing a Classic or Hotseat game
- Bugfix: Removed problem when host asked for another Online game and client left

MineSweeper Online v1.1.1

- Bugfix: Game logs were not saved when asked to play again in an Online game
- Bugfix: If a player was knocked out in a 3 or 4 player game after the previous player threw a Bomb or Random Bomb, turn would be switched to the knocked out player

MineSweeper Online v1.1.0

- Internet-play engine rewritten. Now players behind routers may host and join games without problems. New engine is now also much faster and allows server to select the port in which to start the session.
- Removed possible problem where in Online mode, clients could fail to recieve the board information
- Online chat is now reset when returning to Online Lobby

MineSweeper Online v1.0.0

- First public release


Game design
Christian Smirnoff ("DestroY")

Programming and graphics
Christian Smirnoff ("DestroY")

3D Modelling & Rendering
Victor Pau Bellver López ("PauVictor")

Beta Testing
Victor Pau Bellver López ("PauVictor")

Online Testing
Victor Pau Bellver López ("PauVictor")
Jonas Ballester ("Jab")

Special Thanks
Stefan Janssen ("THE Stefan")


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