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DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.1
MineSweeper Online v1.4.0
11/22/12: DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.1, DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0 and MineSweeper Online v1.4.0 have been successfully tested for Windows 8 compatibility! If you find any problems or bugs with them under Windows 8, please report them. Software is NOT compatible with Windows RT devices like Microsoft Surface.
02/16/10: Celebrating a new DestroY Software anniversary, DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.1, solving the interface issue on some Windows 7 computers, is released!
Also, I would like to announce that DestroY QuickDesktop 2.0 is under development! Redone from scratch, with a modern new look and lots of new features!
02/03/08: DestroY MediaPlay v1.4.0 released!! This new version, now Vista ready and full of new features and improvements, is now finally available for download after months of hard work! Enjoy, and as usual, happy MediaPlaying!!
DestroY QuickDesktop v1.1.0
DestroY rFactor Tweaker v3.1.1
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